Chicken / Pollo

Ref: 023
Premier Chicken Burger
Premium Chicken Burger a great value product formed and chopped chciken breast in a crunchy corn flake batter, (10 x 100g).
Special offer, if you buy 3 you get 1 free.

Burger de pollo premium
Hamburguesa de pechuga de pollo de 100g.
Tenemos una oferta especial :  comprando  tres , una gratis.

Ref: 005
Chicken Hot Wings

The original hot wing and we mean HOT from "HOT N KICKIN" 3 kg box wings are apox 37g each.

Alitas de pollo picantes "Hot ´N` Kicken"

Las aunténticas alitas picantes , 3 kilos de alitas peso de unidad aprox 37g.
Su sabor picante te sorprenderá.

Ref: 013
Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets(as used by the large fast food chains) are chicken breast meat. The white meat is minced before being shaped into nuggets, and then coated with a specially seasoned batter ,the original and best know chicken nugget in the market .
Weight: 1kg (22g)


Nuggets de pollo: son de la pechuga de pollo,  carne blanca convertida en nuggets y después  rebozada  con un condimento especial. El genuino y famoso chicken nugets.
Peso: 1kg (22g)

Ref: 014
Steam Cooked Chicken Breast

Skin off, steam cooked chicken breast ready to use for any chicken recipes or perfect for sandwiches or salads.
Weight: 2.5kg aprx 140g per unit


Pechuga de pollo cocida al vapor sin piel, listo para cualquier receta de pollo o perfecto para bocadillos. o ensaladas.
Peso: 2.5kg aprox 140g por unidad

Ref: 037
Zinger Chicken Burger

Delicious pices of breaded chicken breast.
Weight: 8 x 125g

Burger de pechuga de pollo Zinger
Hamburgesa de pechuga de pollo rebozado
Peso: 8 x 125g

Ref: 036
Tempura Chicken Chunks
Tempura battered chunks of chicken breast.
Perfect for kebabs, Salad, Chips, Rice or Couscous
Weight: 1kg. 40 x 25g+/-

Trozos de pechuga de pollo rebozado en tempura
Perfecto para pinchos, ensalada, patatas fritas, arroz o cuscús
Peso: 1kg. 40 x 25g+/-
Ref: 57
Chicken Goujons
Breaded Chicken Goujons 2 kg boxes, great for a snack or starter, best served with some dips , try our hickory barbecue sauce or thai sweet chilli ...ali oli also works .

Goujons de pollo
Solomillos de pollo empanados, como snack o entrante, mejor servirlo con salsa ; prueba nuestra salsa de barbacoa hickory, salsa chillie Thai dulce o ali oli. 2kg x caja
Ref: 86
Southern Fried Chicken Portions
Chicken portions drumsticks and thighs.
130-190g packed in 800g bags.

Porciones de pollo frito rebozado SFC.
130-190g embaldo en una bolsade 800g.
Ref: 65
American Chicken Burger
American battered chicken burger whole muscle in a crunchy batter - 30 x 120g.

Hamburguesa de pollo estadounidense
Tierna hamburgesa americana con una textura crujiente - 300 x 120g.
Ref: 022
Plain Battered Chicken Burger
Battered Chicken Burger, chopped and formed breast.
85g  - 2 kg Box

Hamburguesa de pollo rebozado
Hamburguesa de pollo rebebozado, pechuga picada y formada.
85g - 2kg caja
Ref: 64
Popcorn Chicken

Chicken breast in a southern fried coating.
Weight 2.5kg
Palomitas de pollo
Pechuga de pollo frito al estilo de Sureño.
Peso 2.5kg

Ref: 68
Barbacue Wings or Habanero wings
1 kg Bag cooked barbacue wings or Habanero wings

Alitas a la barocoa o habanero
Una bolsa de Alitas de barbacoa o Habanero cocinadas.
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